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Carpentry Club at Oxford House is now open

The Bethnal Green Men’s Shed is open and looking for new members to come down, get inducted and start building!

The Shed is open 10am – 4pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with inductions running most Thursdays. Costs for use will be £5 per month or £1 per visit, though we encourage members to pay more to help support and keep the club running.

Located in the basement at Oxford House and run by local product design company Samson & Fox, The Bethnal Shed is housed under a not-for-profit maker space called The Carpentry Club. This will run woodwork courses for the community and offer the workspace on a commercial basis during the rest of the week.

During the 1st week of August, The Carpentry Club will run a day course for children to design, build and race go-karts with experienced toy designer and go-kart racer Erin Deighton. Pricing is £15 entrance for a team of two children, with materials included .

Please note: donations are welcomed; we particularly need professional air filtration and dust extraction units, in addition to finishing equipment (sanders, clamps) and hand/ power tools. Any contacts with generous manufacturers would be much appreciated. Any other good quality tools, materials and financial donations are also welcomed.

If you wish to support, collaborate or just register your interest with the Carpentry Club and Bethnal Green Men’s Shed, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing Alternatively, call 020 7739 9001 or just drop in to Oxford House!

Oxford House
Derbyshire Street,
Bethnal Green,
London E2 6HG
020 7739 9001

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