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Celebrating Volunteer’s Week at Oh!

Volunteering is defined as freely offering to do something, or working unpaid for a company. However, volunteering is much more than the word free that seems to come up in every single definition.

Volunteering is about gaining new skills, volunteering is about gaining new friends, a family of sorts, where you can share the joys of your success with everyone in the company, from the CEO to fellow volunteers with and share the sorrows too.

Volunteering is fundamental to a cohesive community, without volunteering in local youth centres or other small organisations, it would not be possible to have a society that runs as quickly and as efficiently. However, whilst the fundamentals of volunteering may be rooted in small businesses and local youth centres within the community, it does not mean volunteering does not happen at big events. The Olympics in 2012 had 70,000 volunteers who all performed different roles, but the one thing they all had in common was that they did their roles successfully.

Perhaps volunteering is about people boosting their CV, particularly for students, but not all volunteers are students and what stands out in every volunteer is their altruism and their commitment to their individual roles. Hence there are so many volunteers not just in the UK but all around the world.

Here at Oxford House, we run a volunteering program, and this is what some of the past and present volunteers have had to say:

Katherina Posovac – “When I arrived at Oxford House I quickly realised that this was a place to learn and grow.”

Eva Smininova – “You get through a lot at Oxford House, from talks with artists to private views, and spotting squirrels on the outside of the office window. There was even a time I danced salsa, so picking a singular memory that stands out is almost impossible to do.”

Thufayel Ahmed – “Volunteering can feel like a daunting task, especially right before your first day! There are many reasons why you may feel nervous, such as not knowing what your exact role is, not knowing if people will treat you like you are a part of the team not to mention the numerous other things that could potentially go wrong. Oxford House however, is completely different.”

Volunteering has definitely been a success, not only in Oxford House but in society in general, and here’s hoping that celebrations like Volunteer’s Week contribute to many more years of community collaboration.

By Thufayel Ahmed
Oh! Volunteer blogger

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