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Open Garden Squares Weekend

The Derbyshire Pocket Park behind Oxford House was a new addition this year to London’s Open Garden Squares Weekend. The day started out with very typical British weather, overcast and threatening to rain but still the people came. Eventually the weather brightened up and the sun even made an appearance. We had expected about 30 people to show up when in reality it was more like 70 people thanks to the group of 30 cyclists who came riding up like a gang from the Wild West.

The visitors to the little park were greeted with teas and coffees as well as delicious cakes and brownies from the Roving Chef. The Clementine cake was a major hit! As a special treat, the landscape architect, designer of the green roofs and CEO of Oxford House were at the event to chat with those who were curious about the ideas and aspirations for the little garden.

Ingeniously the park uses the excess rainfall to water the plants instead of overloading the drainage systems with too much water. This helps keep the sludge out of the river and promotes a healthier eco system.

Text & Photo: Rebecca Sharp

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