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Postcard Garden Competition

The Postcard Garden competition, one of our Chelsea Fringe events, has now come to a close and what a success it was! With over 130 postcard entries from local schools and artists, only 6 were chosen as finalists; three from the children’s division and three from the adult division.

First place winner for the children was Lily Durand from Bangabandhu Primary School. Second place winner was Mitchell and in third place was Jibran Uddin from Bangabandhu Primary School. In the adult division, the first place winner was Veronica Lindsay – Addy, second place was awarded to Rebecca Sharp and in third place was Hollie Price.

Everyone did a fantastic job and it was so lovely to walk down the gallery, surrounded by creative gardens. It was incredibly inspiring to see product of the brilliant minds of the artists behind the pictures. Artists have admired the awe inspiring landscape of this amazing earth and the exhibition showcased that admiration. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and curator Sophie Hill deftly brought this idea to life.

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