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2014 Highlights: Reflecting on gender roles with Cristina Cuevas

Cristina Cuevas, a Spanish photographer and cinematographer living in London, sees herself ‘as a storyteller who uses lights and shadows to build what I want to express.’

As part of the photography series Women out of Focus, Cuevas facilitated a workshop organised by at Oxford House to reflect upon the notion of gender. Women Out of Focus examines the notion of women’s loss of identity, and while Cuevas depicts this by experimenting with focus in her own photography, participants were challenged to collage pop culture images (contemporary and historical) to express their own notions of gender.

Quite a weighty topic, but with tea flowing and biscuits stacked, the group enjoyed themselves and appreciated the time to reflect and share with a talented artist.

Collages were showcased alongside four of Cuevas’ photographs in the Oxford House Gallery as part of the Photomonth – East London Photography Festival.

Text and image by Liz Pizzuti

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