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Some Time Alone in a Spacecraft… part 1

‘Howl at the Moon’ – the creation of multi-talented Tom Adams – tells the story of Apollo 11’s famous moon landing… from a very unique perspective. This blend of comedy, music, and dance will be showing at Oxford House on Friday 24th April and we are all very excited to watch it! I managed to catch up with Tom to ask him a few questions about himself and his latest project…

Hello! So… Tell me about yourself
Hello. I’m Tom Adams, and I’m a Gemini! I work in theatre-based projects as both a performer and composer. I love composing music for the theatre because there is just something about live music that I love. Music really seems to work in collaboration with, and to become a part of, the performance as a whole when it is live.

About 12 years ago I trained at a circus school in Bristol. Whilst I really enjoyed it, I began to feel the urge to make my work more musically orientated and so I decided to tour the comedy circuit with my guitar. Then, two years ago, I received funding from the Arts Council to create my own projects and I haven’t looked back since! Now I really feel that my work has a purpose. It’s quality – funny, but different and very honest. I’d describe it as live music with a mix of theatre.

What made you decide to combine music with theatre?
It’s quite simple really! They are the two things that I am passionate about. I love performing live. I also love watching live music. I want people to believe the work that I’m doing and I just think that the atmosphere created during a live gig is perfect for performing honest art. It seem to give the performer a certain amount of freedom – they are able to relax and really come into their own.

part 2 of the interview already available

Text: Hayley D.

Photo: © Jane Hobson

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