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Oh! Open 'People and Portraiture'


Oxford House is pleased to welcome 57 new artists to our gallery on the occasion of our inaugural Open Show.The inspiration for this project came from consultation between the Gallery Co-ordinator and CEO in the summer of 2010.

Suzie was keen to incorporate a cohesive community feel to the art on display reflecting the charitable history of the organisation -hence the theme ‘People and Portraiture’- and aspiring to the highest standards of artistic excellence.John wished Oh! Arts to attract a wider audience and clientele, bringing together a range of artists’ in emulation of the famous Royal Academy summer shows.

With the assistance of Gallery Coordinators Stephanie Fox and Sally Finning along with dedicated volunteers we have been able to make this concept a reality, with awards generously donated by local businesses (A P Fitzpatrick art supplies, Greenwich Leisure Limited and Nandos, Bethnal Green).

We hope you enjoy the show and join us in celebrating the exceptional quality of the work, we hope this will be the first of many Open Shows at OH!


Aisling Fegan,Jackie Bogdany, Paul Mowat,
Alexander Walker, Jo Bloor, Peter Spurgeon,
Alistair Redding, Jonathan Kelham, Phoebe Davenport,
Andrea Rossi, Jude Cowan, Rikako Kasai,
Andrew Quartermain, Julia Volynets, Robyn Steward,
Antonietta Torsiello, Julie Ball, Ruth Joyce,
Anya Red, Karina Testino, Ryan Gordon,
Barbara Beasley, Kimbal Bumstead, Sarah Pearl Kazi,
Fainche Mc Ardle, Lars Bjerre, Stephen Whatcott,
Gareth Pitt, Laura Frame, Stuart Howitt,
David Harker, Louisa Nicoll, Sujin Kwak,
Delia Milko, Lucy Hyde, Tareshvari Robinson,
Evelyn Rowland, Lucy Jane Fay, Tessa Mo,
Dana Volynets, Margarita Manthou, Tyler Fenn,
Harvin Alert, Marina Jijina, Veronica Lindsay-Addy,
Hayley Holliday, Matthew Vieira, Wendy Saunders,
Helen Bishop, Meg Mitchell, Yiannis Baltagiannis
Hilary Barry, Michaela Mysakova,  
James Petrucci, Oonagh Bagley,  
Jayamini de Silva, Paolo Di Paolo,  

Thanks to Jon Cartwright for his design work on the catalogue. Copies of the catalogue are available from OH reception for £3.00

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