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Wednesdays, 5.30pm – 6.30pm, 7pm – 8pm

It is important that beginners come at 18.30 for prep session

All Levels
Dance Studio

Come and learn Callanetics with a qualified and authorised Callanetics instructor.

-Open to men and women of all ages and fitness levels
-Increases strength, flexibility and endurance
-Helps to relieve back, knee and other pain
-Tightens and tones the body
-Strengthens the pelvic floor
-Non impact
-Reduces stress
-Recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine

Small, personalised classes

Callanetics is designed to be taught in small groups ensuring that each participant receives dedicated and tailored support from the instructor.

Callan Pinckney created this revolutionary exercise method in the 1980’s to combat her own severe back and knee problems. She discovered that not only did the exercises completely alleviate her pain, they also reshaped and toned her body.

This very personalized and unique form of exercise utilizes precise positioning to isolate specific muscle groups. Tiny yet powerful movements, called ‘pulses’, are then used to work these muscles groups.

These ‘pulses’ cause the muscles to work even deeper requiring more muscle fibres to be recruited. More muscle fibres recruited means quicker toning and results you can feel in one hour and see in as little as two!

Each muscle group is warmed, worked and then stretched to ensure total body health increasing strength, flexibility and endurance.

Please book to ensure a place!

Contact Sarah: 07723 363 416
email: sarah@callaneticslondon.co.uk

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