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Who designed Oxford House?

Did you know the architect for Oxford House also designed the Royal College of Music and the nave for Southwark Cathedral? Sir Arthur Blomfield (1829-1899), the son of the Bishop of London, Charles James Blomfield was the man who designed Oh! and also started a wave of new church constructions.

Notably, he has been awarded the Royal Gold Medal, which recognised his unfathomable contribution to architecture on behalf of the Head of State.

In 1889 began work on new buildings that will contain the Chapel, the Provident Dispensary, and the workshop for the tailoresses. Inside the Club, a Lecture Room was partitioned off to form a Committee Room, a large Reading Room, Class Rooms, and a Billiard Room. Almost certainly the most distinguished private building erected in Bethnal Green since 19th Century.

Source: OXFORD HOUSE. “Oxford House in Bethnal Green 1884-1948” 1950.

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