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Why a new building in 1891? Rise under Rev. Winnington-Ingram

It was from 1889 that Oxford House really established itself under its fourth head. The Revd.A.F. Winnington-Ingram, who later became Bishop of London, was an energetic, athletic man with a simple faith and deep pastoral concern who won the love and respect of many Bethnal Greeners.

Club members rose from 150 to over 1,000 by at the end of 1889 the House acquired a new extra house in Victoria Park Square for “gymnastics and concerts”. The present House became inadequate as a centre for the work on its existing scale and became a great hindrance.

“The need, long felt, for new and more commodious and convenient premises for the House itself, has become most pressing”

In March 1889, an appeal signed by the Bishop of London and the Warden of All Souls College asking for £12,000 for building purposes. By the end of the same year, plans for a house to hold twenty residents were prepared by Sir Arthur Blomfield.

Source: BRADLEY I. “Oxford House in Bethnal Green 1884-1984”. Oxford House 1984


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