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2014 in 5 minutes!

Often it’s hard to know where to begin when exploring the art world, especially in East London, a cultural hub for art, photography and fashion. Throughout the past year, working with creative industries and individuals, Oxford House has offered a diverse programme of art related events, ensuring there was something suitable for all ages and interests.

Jumping back to May 15th, Oxford House welcomed the Chelsea Fringe Festival, a festival centred on nature and gardening, a theme ideal for artistic recreation. Painter and photographer Lynn Keddie and photographer Paul Debois took full advantage of this creative possibility in their festival project, ‘Where the Wild things Grow’. The work shown focuses on nature breaking through the confines of urban life, leaving behind the delicacy it’s often associated with and instead offering a powerful look at the beauty of nature.

Various other art exhibitions were put on across the year, differing greatly across themes as well as purposes. From July 3rd to July 31st visitors were able to experience the work of art group Thinkarts! In which members enjoy the expressive and therapeutic results of art to aid mental health problems.

On August 29th the themes of ritual, the sacred, and the profane were explored through a wealth of exhibitions, films and performances including looking at the taboos of gender and sexuality. The artists claim their ‘work is as diverse as it is potent’, and no doubt as unique also.

September 3rd saw the open exhibition, ‘130 views’, celebrating the 130th anniversary of Oxford House. Visitors were able to view the works of both established as well as emerging artists as they approached the theme of ‘130’ with total freedom. Plus wine was also a bonus.

The following month the creativity of Fun Palaces took over, an idea established over 50 years ago in which science and art are brought together. Across the UK over 130 Fun Palace events took place. Art-Lab experiment was one of these in which participants were able to make their very own art pigments out of fruit and vegetables. So if you’re an artist or a science genius, or even completely clueless about both, maybe you just like fruit, this one was for you. This was just one of many events which allowed participants to create their own art for display, a very hands-on alternative to the standard gallery exhibition.

As well as art, Oxford House organised various photography based events. From October 6th to 14th graduates from London College of Communications exhibited their works in the Photography as Installation show. The work revealed a new approach to photography in the modern day by being in the form of installations in 2D, 3D and 4D. Not only was this an exciting new look at photography open to the community, but it also allowed young budding art students to display their achievements.

Certainly it’s been an expressive year for Oxford House. If you’ve missed out this year, there’s bound to be plenty more on offer in the near future.

We would love to hear from any artists who wish to get involved, please contact us at


Monica Kolesnik

Image by Ioana Ursescu: An introduction to flower photography with Paul Debois (Chelsea Fringe Festival)