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Following in Egypt’s Footsteps

Jane Wass perfectly summarised the essence of her Mazazik Arabic Dance workshops that are running at Oh! when she told everyone to ‘feel the air of Egypt – everywhere!’ These classes will run every two months in our dance studio and are perfect for anyone who wants to either learn about new cultures, get fit, gain self-confidence, get involved in a new social circle… or do all of the above!

The workshops mainly teach very fun and beautiful Egyptian dances such as the Saidi and Baladi, but depending on people’s interests may also delve into more contemporary Egyptian dance, and dance from other cultures, in the future. Beginning a new class can sometimes feel a bit intimidating, but it is quite the opposite at Oh! After a quick chat with Jane there is no one that would feel uncomfortable in her presence. They are open to everyone and anyone – she works both with complete beginners and those who have more experience.

The Mazazik Arabic Dance workshops are a great way to get fit and to feel physically powerful, but they are also much more than that. Jane describes her workshops as a ‘travel through dance and music’ for a good reason. Her knowledge regarding the culture and development of dance is endless, but it is not only a ‘cultural travel’ that the workshops take you on. They place emphasis on a very personal aspect of dancing that values the subjective expression of the dancer and which in turn really does cast away all inhibitions – you will believe it when you see it!

Regardless of what anyone could ever want out of a dance workshop, Mazazik Arabic Dance class is just the right place to find it!

Contact Jane if you don’t want to miss the next session! (

Blogger: Hayley Downey

Photographer: Chloe Rodrigues