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‘Of People and Places’ – Photography Exhibition

On Thursday the fifth, Oxford House welcomed visitors to the private viewing of ‘Of People and Places’, a landscape photography exhibition reflecting on the relationship between humanity and nature.

The exhibition features the work of ten artists from across the world, all with engaging and differing approaches to the common subject matter. As a result various landscapes are revealed, from the English woodlands to the Alaskan Tundra.

Upon entering the gallery, viewers instantly catch sight of Valeria Cherchi’s striking wall piece of a traditional Sardinian dress. As part of her ‘i used to’ series Valeria explores memory and identity using images taken among the landscape of Sardinia, the place of her childhood.

Elsewhere in the gallery the work of David George is displayed, who works with long exposure photography with low level available light. The interaction between the vast darkness and the electric flashes of light captured within his work adds something compelling to the exhibition.

The private viewing itself was a great success, filled with many keen art viewers, some even making an appearance before the opening hour.

If you missed the private viewing, you still have a chance to come down and see the work for yourself!

‘Of People and Places’ is open till March the 8th on Monday-Friday 9am-10pm and Saturday-Sunday 10am-2pm.

Text & photography: Monica Kolesnik