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An interview with Jonathan Chater

‘Streetwise’ Exhibition at Oh! Gallery (17 – 22 December)

Oxford House conducted an interviewed with Jonathan Chater, the photographer of the Streetwise Exhibition, to try and find out more about this interesting and unique project. During the course of the interview we talked about how much Jonathan had learnt about dementia through his involvement in this project and just how rewarding it was to see how people cope with the challenges it can create. The whole project took about 2-3 months and 29 residents were pictured with a street they shared a name with and more street portraits of staff and even Jonathan himself!

Jonathan initially got involved with the project as he had a friend who worked for Silk Court and after she had explained the idea of a street portrait he was immediately captivated. Why? Because not only was it an interesting concept but it had room for artistic expression as well as providing Jonathan with an incredible opportunity to help raise awareness for people with dementia, and help provide the residents with an exciting day out away from Silk Court.

The exhibition at Oxford House will provide residents and their families with another enriching experience, and will provide Jonathan with an amazing opportunity to show his wonderful photography. We are sure there will be many more exhibitions featuring his work very soon.

During the interview it was clear to see just how passionate he felt about this project. The passion and care are also reflected in the portraits, which capture the joyous emotions on the face of the residents standing next to a street sign they share a name with. However, the formal street portraits were not the only pictures Jonathan took; there are also many more candid shots of the residents as well as a brief description of each resident photographed and their background which will be in a book that will be available to see during the exhibition.

Oxford House highly recommends you come to the exhibition and see these hidden photos and witness this amazing community based project.

The exhibition is on from the 17th to the 22nd of December at Oxford House, Derbyshire Street, London E2.

Opening times

Monday to Friday
9am to 10pm
10am to 2pm

By Thufayel Ahmed