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Oh! Trustee’s Interview: Kevin Scully

Kevin is the Rector of St Matthew’s, Bethnal Green, the Church of England parish in which Oxford House is situated. He has been in the area for twelve years, having served his entire ministry in inner London. He is a former actor and journalist, and brings a range of skills to community engagement. He is a trustee of a number of local charities, and is involved in a number of local social projects including Tower Hamlets Street Pastors, as well as being a governor of St Matthias School in Bacon Street. Kevin re-joined the trustees of Oxford House in 2013 after a five year absence.

Returning to my duties. I have been active within OH for 15 years on and off. I was originally the Bishop of Stepney’s nominated Trustee. I see this as part of my service to the community in which I live and work.

No two days are the same. It is a complex and changing role. I have been involved in many different aspects of governance.

There are constant highs and lows. Best: when the place is buzzing. Worst? Is the financial rollercoaster – which is mainly down!

I’ve gained a real sense of community involvement. Being active with OH has helped me engage in all different aspect of the area’s life.

Try to stay informed, and get on top of things. My tip would be to read the paperwork before a meeting.

Leah Abraham
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