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50° North (300 miles North-East to Oxford House)

Last year, Falmouth University presented an exhibition here at Oxford House called Square One. They hired out the gallery to exhibit their photos and also the theatre so speakers hired could give talks. The success of last year’s event means they are back, and Oxford House could not be more excited to see the work that will be displayed this year. Falmouth is renowned for being the UK’s number one creative arts university, and we hope they continue to exhibit in our gallery for many years to come.

The exhibition this year is called ‘50° North’. The event will take place between the 4rd- 6th of April, with the private view being on the 4th of April (6-9pm). The work that will be displayed will be by second year BA (Hons) Press & Editorial Photography students from Falmouth University.

The exhibition is sure to be exciting because 50° North consists of students that will exhibit exceptionally varied work. This can range from social documentaries to upbeat fashion editorials, so there is sure to be something that everyone can enjoy and has an interest in. The second year students talk about how important it is for them to exhibit their work because it enables them to show people the story they are telling through their photographs.

Being press and editorial photography students, it is not surprising they enjoy telling stories through their photographs. It also gives them vital experience in a professional gallery setting and helps them start their professional career. This is something Oxford House is proud to do, as we are very determined to give young, aspiring people opportunities to exhibit their work and succeed.

Photography is there to be shared and enjoyed by others. So we hope as many people as possible will come to view the exhibition and support young, talented artists who are travelling a very long way to display their work in our gallery.

You can find out even more information about the 50° North exhibition on the University of Falmouth’s Press and Editorial Photography’s social media accounts:

Twitter: @PEP_collective
Instagram: pepcollective

By Thufayel Ahmed