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A Certain Kind of Interview with Juliet Fraser

Soprano Juliet Fraser is a resident artist at Oxford House. She brings her new programme to our very own chapel to share what it means to her to be a singer. Enitled ‘A Certain Kind of Light’, this new programme for voice and fixed audio explores meditation, memories, murmuring and mimicry to cast new light on what it means to sing and to be a singer. Oxford House conducted a mini interview with Juliet to find out more about the programme.

What inspired you to organise and perform your programme?
Though I am a classical singer, what most excites me is creating new music, in the classical tradition. This is the second time I have created a programme like this for solo voice and fixed audio. In the past few years I have been commissioning composers to write pieces for me, as its great fun to experiment with my voice and new technology.

What is the reasoning behind the title ‘A Certain Kind of Light’?
This programme was designed for performance in a small gallery in Penzance called ‘The Exchange’. The programme was to coincide with an exhibition entitled ‘A Certain Kind of Light’ which explores the idea of light as a source of illumination. There are strong parallels between light and sound. I was hugely attracted by the idea of illumination and the potential intimacy of darkness and half-light.

Why did you choose the chapel at OH for the performance?
This happened by accident! I have been using the chapel at Oxford House as a practice studio for five years now. I really love it as a space but ordinarily it would be too small for a performance. When I was rehearsing there with one of my composers and discussing where in London I could perform my programme, she said “Well, why not do it here?” The more I thought about it, the more excited I got about the idea. The acoustic warmth provided by all the wood and the cosiness of the space suits the intimacy of the programme perfectly.

What do you hope people will take away from hearing and seeing the programme?
I think of this programme as something I am sharing with the audience; I don’t really think of it as ‘performing’ because much of the music is experimenting with my vulnerability on stage. I hope people will find themselves drawn into a moment that is communal but also personal, spontaneous and thus special.

Do you have plans to do similar or even different programmes after this?
Absolutely! I am really enjoying this new strand to my music-making, so I’m hoping to take this programme to other places and perhaps even to create something new for the chapel in Oxford House.

Tickets available here!

By Thufayel Ahmed
Oh! Blogger

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