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”All kinds of languages”

Promising a comprehensive variety of jazz styles from four top London Jazz groups, Bethnal Green in Jazz seems set to pull at the heartstrings of die-hard jazz fans and the more reluctant jazz listener alike.

These performances have been occurring on each consecutive Friday throughout May, and are being hosted by Oxford House in Bethnal Green.

This month of jazz commenced the first Friday of the month with the performance of William Symington’s Rebel Yell Jazz Orchestra. The band was founded as a tribute to the Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band of the 1960s.

Up next on May 8th was The Liam Dunachie Quartet. It is made up of a group of renowned jazz musicians who explore modern jazz compositions through a structure of composed music that nevertheless makes way for improvisation.

Following on May 15 is Aldevis Tibaldi’s London Jazz Ensemble, who will focus mostly on performing Tibaldi’s original compositions. Their music is highly accessible and yet still beautifully wrought.

Closing the month of musicality is The Frank Griffith Sextet on May 22. They will be performing a selection of modern, mainstream jazz that exudes rhythm.

Since its conception, Bethnal Green in Jazz has aimed to flaunt the potential for originality in jazz music. Aldevis Tibaldi is the musical talent behind the entire project, and his ensemble will certainly reveal jazz’s original flair; just one of his influences is house music, and some of his compositions contain redeveloped samples of his own house creations.

The vision across the month is thus both one of unification and diversity – to show jazz at its finest, and in its many diverse forms. When asked what to expect from the month of jazz, Tibaldi simply relied; ‘all kinds of languages’.

As a resident of Bethnal Green – and what with his nostalgic connection to OH! and its theatre – the curator of this event knows more than most how to conjure an atmosphere in the space set for these events. Tickets can be bought in WeGotTickets.

Text: Hayley D.