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Ben Uri Centenary – Family Passport Workshop

The Ben Uri Gallery and Museum recently celebrated its centenary year (1915-2015) with two exciting exhibitions; ‘Out of Chaos’ in the Inigo rooms at Somerset House, partnered with the Cultural Institute at King’s College London and ‘Postcards from Aldgate East’ at Oxford House.
As part of this celebration, a family passport workshop was held on 5th August at Oxford House, which is one of the three community partners of Ben Uri.

The workshop was led by Ben Uri’s award winning team and explored the theme of identity and migration through art and digital media, aimed at children aged from six to twelve. Participants were to make family mementos and work with Digital Artist in Residence, Edwin Mingard.

A total of nine children, aged from three to ten attended with their parents. The children were encouraged to design their own passports, concentrating on their names and family names, as a way of thinking about identity.

Additionally, they were to label some of the countries they had either been to or would like to visit in the future. A few of the children stood out as being well travelled as they had been to various countries, ranging from Germany, Tokyo, Turkey, Berlin, Somalia and a few more places that are difficult to recall! This was particularly interesting as it linked well with the underpinning theme of migration.

Overall, the workshop was a success and raised interesting ideas about identity and migration within London.

Text & Image: Safia Siddique