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Paintings of the East End in different decades

Oxford House is incredibly excited to present this exhibition, particularly because it is focused on the East End. ‘East End Trail‘ will be displaying work by Noriko Michigami, who is a talented Japanese artist. Michigami studied MA Painting at London Guildhall University and has had previous exhibitions at Off Broadway Market and Diorama Gallery. Much of Michigami’s work is focused on the landscape and buildings and how they interact with each other to create something that captures our attention in everyday life. Michigami has lived and worked in Tower Hamlets for a while now and this is her second series of paintings about the East End.

However, instead of sticking to just Tower Hamlets, she has ventured a little further out in order to try and capture even more beautiful landscapes in her paintings.

The exhibition will feature a variety of paintings, both from her recent works of the East End and some from her old set from when she was a student. All the paintings were done on canvas using oils. Michigami uses a clever mix of colours and angles to create different perspectives in each painting and thus even paintings of the same object such as trees look markedly different in each individual piece.

As the exhibition will consist of paintings of the East End in different decades it is easy to see development of the area through the series’ of paintings. Though the second set of paintings are more focused on landscapes than people the development is demonstrated excellently using colour and texture. Michigami hopes that through her work, she can share her experiences and feelings with those who attend the exhibition.

Gallery Opening Times:
Monday to Friday: 9am to 10pm
Weekend: 10am to 2pm

Thufayel Ahmed, Volunteer Blogger