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EURO 2016 – diversity embodied

From time immemorial, sport has had the power to unite, enthuse and engage. It encourages an inspiring kinship, and illuminates the effects of determination and talent. Football, and its estimated 3.5 billion fans worldwide, is a shining example of this: tournaments like the World Cup encourage a direct surge in patriotism and subdues, even if momentarily, social tension.

However, cheering on one’s favourite football team might produce some other, less desirable consequences, such as unpleasant comments, antisocial behaviour amongst fans, or discomfort for women in the stadium.  This is why Kick It Out was established—to help find fair and amiable forms of supporting football in a friendly and peaceful environment.

And what better opportunity to see all the nations cheering together than at one of the biggest events of the football calendar – EURO 2016?

‘Fans for Diversity, L’Internationale’, an exhibition by Kick It Out, will be coming to Oxford House in Bethnal Green from 13th-20th October (Opening 12th October 6 – 9pm). Photographer Liam Aylott will be sharing the photos he captured during EURO 2016 as part of the campaign, and at Oxford House we are beyond thrilled to host! Aylott’s photography really captures the true spirit of the football spectator’s experience: anticipation, jubilation and camaraderie! Shot from a fan’s perspective, Aylott took the photographs during the tournament this summer in bars and pubs in London. With one of the world’s most diverse cities serving as a backdrop, the Fans for Diversity exhibition will serve as a comforting reminder of the true spirit of football that we all love, in a space free from discrimination.

Visit the Fans For Diversity: L’Internationale exhibition in Oxford House from the 13th until the 20th of October.

By Izora Baba