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Feminism in London

We are getting excited about the FiliArt: Refuge exhibition and events that runs from 10 – 16 December at Oxford House.

FiliArt Refuge consists of amazing art in various different forms from over 30 incredibly inspirational women from all over the world, each using art in a unique way to share their own political views, life stories and experiences.

There will also be workshops where people can make banners or even craft a gift that they can then donate. If that is still not enough then there will also be interactive panels where artists, activists and academics will be discussing different issues such as overcoming media stereotypes and challenging porn culture through the medium of art.

There will be opportunities to get involved and ask questions as well as being able to share your own thoughts. The exhibition has a lot to say and the breadth of events and workshops is compelling.

The event is in association with Feminism in London. Feminism in London has developed a growing reputation for tackling social injustice.

At Oxford House between 10 – 16 December between 9-10am on Mon-Fri and 10am – 2pm on the weekends.

Tickets still available.

Thufayel Ahmed