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Making History in Historical Locations

Lucinda May will be holding her ‘Things I love in Bethnal Green: Part 1′ exhibition here at Oxford House from the 6th to the 12th of March. May is a conceptual artist with a rich history in art; she studied an MA in Fine Art at Edinburgh University and is currently one of the artists at Husk in Limehouse. Oxford House is very excited to the opportunity to work with her and help deliver this exciting and community based project about Bethnal Green, which holds a special place in our hearts for obvious reasons.

The exhibition at Oxford House is part of a multi-location exhibition that will show May dancing in 40 locations around Bethnal Green. These 40 locations were chosen because they are currently churches within Bethnal Green or places where they used to be a church. The exact locations were charted by May using old maps and talking to local people in the area. The reason behind choosing locations of past and present churches is to make more history in already historical locations, and give them a new lease of life. May also wanted to provide people in the community with hope and possibility and bridge the gap between the art world and the local community and what better way to achieve all of this than through the art of dance.

The exhibition at Oxford House will feature 10 1-minute videos playing in a loop on the screen in the lower gallery. As well as the videos, in each of the 4 locations the exhibition will take place there will be information about the show; images of old maps, dances and history or even essays.

It is perfectly fitting that this exhibition will lead Oxford House into Spring as it celebrates new life and hope. This exhibition is accessible to everyone and should be celebrated by all those who live in the community, and even people who live outside of it and appreciate art, and local history.

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Tickets: Free
Private View: 9th March, 6-9pm
Gallery Opening Times
Monday to Friday: 9am to 10pm
Weekend: 10am to 2pm