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An interview with Falmouth University’s PEP Collective

Student exhibitions always offer some of the most exciting, daring and progressive pieces of artwork. They also serve as a unique opportunity to see the humble beginnings of talented future artists. Thirty five brilliantly talented photography students from Falmouth University’s PEP Collective are exhibiting at Oxford House between 21st and 23rd March. In between coursework deadlines and organising this exhibition, photographer Harry Lawlor took some time out to answer a few of my questions…

1. Hello! Could you please tell me a little about who the PEP Collective are?
PEP Collective is made up of second year students from the BA (Hons) Press & Editorial Photography course at Falmouth University, we created the collective to be a platform for promoting our own work, it’s also a catalyst for collaboration within our university course, making events like our up and coming exhibition possible with scope to hold similar events in the future.

2. Why is the exhibition called ‘Square One’?
As photography students we’re all in the same boat, taking our first steps into careers as image makers, we named the exhibition ‘Square One’ as this is the first time that most of us have exhibited work and the first time especially that our work has been shown as a whole in terms of our university course, the name encourages looking forward, this is us making our first steps into the photographic industry.

3. Why did the PEP collective choose firstly London, and secondly Oxford House to exhibit in?
We chose London as it is the heart of photographic industry in the UK, with many influential photographers and publications being based here it’s the best place for us to hold an exhibition. Coming from Falmouth we’re quite tucked away from the rest of the world, so putting on a show in London enables as many people to come and see the work as possible. We chose Oxford house for its great location in Bethnal Green, its wonderful gallery space and its theatre, we want to connect with people who are in the photographic industry so this location makes it easy for us to host an event where people can come along and check out the work.

4. A little about you and your work now. What is it about press and editorial photography that appeals to you over other styles of photography?
It’s just so diverse! It can’t really be pigeonholed, look at any magazine, newspaper or other publication and that’s what Press & Editorial Photography is, it spans genres, there’s sports, fashion, portraiture, long form documentary work, food, lifestyle, news, product, the list is endless, the appeal of it is that it’s so broad and you get to do a bit of everything.

5. This exhibition celebrates a diverse range of styles and genres, what is your focus?
I guess it’s the diversity of the work; there is such a variety of different photographic genres it’s almost impossible to pick out an overall theme in the photographs themselves.

6. Final question! What would you like the people who come to see the exhibition to take away from it?
This exhibition is about showing people what we do in the best way that we possibly can, I think we’d like people to take away an appreciation for our work and for the variety of different styles that make up Press & Editorial photography.

7. Is there anything you’d like to add?
Our opening night is on the 21st March 6-9pm, we’d love to see as many people as possible there, we’re all about connecting with people so come along, have a drink, a chat and check out some great photography.

Text: Lydia Anderson