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Let no meadow escape our riot

Oxford House held ‘Riot in the Meadow’, an exhibition displaying the work of another amazing London (born and) based artist. Vicky Hawkins has been creating art for 40 years and has worked with famous artists such as Bridget Riley in her illustrious art career. Vicky is known for her intelligent use of colour and her sharp contrast between life and death in her art. This abstract use of colour and story-telling through the medium of art has enabled Hawkins to acquire a global following.


It is thus no surprise Oxford House was extremely excited that Vicky displayed her artwork in our gallery. The work displayed were collages of painted paper cut and collaged into bright and abstract pieces, each one using colours and shapes in a distinct way. The collages were of different sizes which gave the exhibition another dimension and is sure it enhanced the experience for anyone that attended. There were 100 pieces at the exhibition; the 100 pieces draw inspiration from some of the most influential artists to have lived: Picasso, Matisse, Pollock, Rothko and Riley. It is evident to see how the work of these artists has helped shaped Vicky’s work when you looked at the pieces in the exhibition.

The original inspiration of using collages of painted paper came to Vicky whilst reading a verse from the Wisdom of Solomon: “Let us cover ourselves in roses before they are withered, let no meadow escape our riot.”

She interpreted this to mean we must make the most of life and live it to the fullest. This message is definitely conveyed through her artwork.

By Thufayel Ahmed
Oh! Blogger