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My time at Oxford House

Before joining Oxford House, I wanted to gain some work experience abroad before finishing my bachelor’s degree in philosophy. I found the idea of working in a gallery environment intriguing and was hoping to gain some valuable insights into this field.

When I arrived at Oxford House I quickly realised that this was a place to learn and grow – the perfect place to test my skills and meet the local community. There were new challenges every day, new situations, new problems… With each day – at work and afterwards, visiting one of the dozens of amazing art galleries and museums – I found myself more knowledgeable about visual arts, more skilled in solving problems, more as a part of the team.

As an Oxford House intern, I had the opportunity to work closely with artists in organising and managing exhibitions. I could test my problem solving and social skills every day, as well as trying out new things, like creating short promotional videos or giving visitors a tour of the gallery.

Now at the end of my internship, what I’m going to miss the most are Oxford House’s people: from my closest colleagues working with me in the gallery and always giving me a lot of input and new perspectives, to the office team that I could always ask for advice and that would encourage my ideas, to the amazing front of house staff that would make me laugh and feel at ease. Also, I loved the private views, where we were welcoming new people to Oxford House each time – with every private view, a different part of the community comes together to enjoy local art.

My advice to new interns would be to make sure you make the most of the opportunities that you get: don’t be afraid to try out something new and to voice your opinions, be open to meeting a lot of different people – and explore the city!

Katharina Posavec