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Ode to nature exhibition

The Chelsea Fringe is a worldwide alternative gardening festival, celebrating the beauty of nature through different mediums such as art and music. Oxford House is incredibly excited to present our exhibition as part of this festival – ‘Ode to Nature’ – open until the 4th of June. ‘Ode to Nature’ comprises work from four different artists who use contrasting styles to show the diversity and the beauty of nature.

The 4 artists who are displaying their art in the exhibition are Francesca Busca, Lola Awada, Gillian O’Shea and Chris Polunin. All of them have different styles and different messages they attempt to convey through their art.

Busca’s style is focused on using her hands to create and her art is torn between optimism and surrender of human’s relationship with nature. Busca is also incredibly interested in recycling and upcycling and many of her pieces within the exhibition focus on showing the beauty of nature using re-used material.  Busca is particularly passionate about this as she wants her artwork to remind people to respect nature.

Awada’s pieces in this exhibition consist of trees that she has painted over the course of her career. For Awada, trees symbolise strength and growth and from a personal level, a safe-haven from her childhood. Awada’s fascination started with trees when she was young, and to her there are few things as reassuring as trees.

O’Shea is a professionally trained artist in watercolour and her pieces within the ‘Ode to Nature’ exhibition will focus on watercolour paintings capturing the beauty and intensity of familiar living subjects within nature, using a semi-representative style. O’Shea describes this as a fresh, vibrant and a contemporary approach to traditional medium of watercolour.

The last artist, who will also exhibit work in this exhibition but by no means least, is Polunin, who is a classically trained artist and his pieces within the exhibition consist of a series of realist contemporary oil paintings depicting objects from nature such as fruits and vegetables. it represents the idea of bringing nature into our daily of life.

The combination of work by all 4 talented artists means this is sure to be one of the most exciting exhibitions at Oxford House, so make sure to come and see the exhibition before it ends on the 4th of June!

By Thufayel Ahmed,

Oh! Blogger