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Oh! Trustee’s Interview: Robert Robinson

Rob is co-founder of Notes, a coffee shop and wine bar business with branches across London. He grew up in Bethnal Green, and returned after a few years elsewhere, having realised there is nowhere better to live. He got to know Oxford House as a tenant, and he joined the board when Notes outgrew the premises. He is looking forward to helping develop the new cafe space into a thriving community space at the heart of the redeveloped Oxford House.

Oxford House is impressive. I live locally and although I had been to a couple of events at OH, I really got to know it when I became a tenant. I was impressed by the range of activities that went on, and the scale of ambition contained in the Heritage Lottery Fund application. After we moved to larger premises I was keen to stay involved and be part of the OH journey.

I’m constantly learning. I wasn’t aware of just how much goes on behind the scenes! I had no idea how involved an HLF application is, and how much regulation charities need to comply with. It is really impressive, and I’m enjoying being a part of the process and seeing it all first hand.

I am a part of the journey. It is great getting an overview of what goes on at OH, and having the chance to help develop plans and assist in the growth of Oxford House. I am certainly looking forward to helping with the development of the new cafe!

I am gaining transferrable skills. I think seeing an organisation from the inside, and how a board relates to the people running it day to day, will be useful in a variety of professional environments.

Give it your all! My one piece of advice in becoming a trustee is to ensure you are interested in the broad aims of the charity, and ideally have something specific to offer as well.

By Izora Baba
Oh! Volunteer Blogger