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”The result of me painting alone in my bedroom”

“What you can see at Oxford House is the result of me painting alone in my bedroom with a dustsheet on the floor for six months” –  Taro Qureshi

That Taro Qureshi’s work focuses so intently on unconscious thought and automatic creation can perhaps be understood in light of the fact that his parents are psychotherapists. This occupation is indeed a source of inspiration for Taro, one that manifests in Head of a Boxer as a record of all the disorientating, negative thoughts that arise from living in today’s modern society.


And this modern society is what Taro is angry at. There is a poignant – fierce, and yet elegant – voice that emerges within his work that demands the viewer’s attention. Head of a Boxer reveals a sense of alienation, a consuming emotion grown ever stronger since Taro has tried to establish himself in a world that no longer values creative endeavour.

Drawing on art movements such as expressionism and surrealism, Taro Qureshi evidently understands and works with some of the most influential ideas that have graced the world of art. And yet he does not get lost in all this. His work retains a clear voice and a strong sense of originality.

Text: Hayley D.