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Picking up a paintbrush for Oh!

A team of staff volunteers from Nomura, a Japanese bank based in the City have been taking a break from their day jobs and picking up a paintbrush for Oxford House.

Organised in association with East London Business Alliance (ELBA) employees of Nomura have volunteered for a day to help prepare the Oxford House gallery in time for its new exhibition. Since Monday 9am, OH has seen old and new volunteers rubbing down and painting. All the volunteers praised the good work that Oxford House do and seemed keen to get a break from their day job.

Some volunteers had previously helped out with our recent 130th anniversary celebrations whilst others had chipped in for the first time. The Nomura volunteers also discovered more about the amazing 130 year history of Oxford House and the range of creative projects that take place.

Another excellent example of how staff volunteers can build relationships work between business and charities such as Oxford House. Whether its printing posters, designing annual reviews to providing IT services, it’s a true testament to how engaged business are with local charities like OH.

Text: Savena Surana

Photo: Chloe Rodrigues



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