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Somali Week – 2017

Somali Week has a long history at Oxford House and we could not be more excited for it to be back. The Festival runs from Friday 20th October to Sunday 29th October at Oxford House as well as a range of other venues across London.

Kayd Somali arts and culture are the organisers behind the festival, which aims to show off Somali art, culture and talent – contemporary and old. The festival is always held in October and is part of Black History Month and helps Somali people celebrate their culture.

The theme this year is ‘Home and Displacement’. Home differs in meaning for all of us, and this is particularly true in cultures – such as Somali culture where a nomadic lifestyle is often led. The festival will aim to bring out what home means to each individual person from a Somali culture.

Displacement is the other theme in this year’s festival as it has had a massive impact on Somalia. Whether displacement has affected Somali people through natural disasters or through forced migration it has been integral and has forced Somali people to be nomadic. Displacement also offers a nice contrast to home and gives the festival an additional depth.

Guests will range from Somali academics to musicians, poets, playwrights, and film-makers it is sure to be a celebration of all things Somali. The guests will differ in ages and offer varied perspectives in what home and displacement means to them.

With so many creative guests attending the festival be ready for music, stories, live action plays, documentaries, poems and much, much more.

As approximately 70% of Somali residents within the UK live in London, festivals such as this are incredibly important to create community cohesion and to make people proud of their culture.

Text by Thufayel Ahmed
Images by Kate Stanworth