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Some Time Alone in a Spacecraft… part 3

Sounds exciting! How did you get inspiration for this performance?
I decided – naturally – that the best way to imagine Michael Collins’ experience was to spend six hours in a tent. It became my own makeshift spacecraft. To be alone in that confined space was very useful in imagining how Michael Collins might have felt. I experienced a lot of different emotions. At first I thought it was a really cool experience, but after about an hour I started to feel somewhat low – I don’t know why. After that I had a nap and wrote a song. I went home after the six hours and my wife said that there was something in my eyes that looked different. I guess that’s what spending time cut off from the world does to you.

Your work all sounds very interesting. Is there any underlying theme that runs throughout the work you create?
I guess… the question of mortality. With ‘Still Score’ this was a very prominent theme because I was looking at photographs of families from the past. And although ‘Howl at The Moon’ is more light-hearted and fun, I still think it deals with this aspect of human nature and what it means ‘to be born alone, and to die alone’, as the saying goes.

Comedy with a very human theme. When will ‘Howl at The Moon’ be performed?
At Oxford House – on the 24th April. Hope to see you there!

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Text: Hayley D.