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The Pocket Park is a winner!

It turns out that our hard work has paid off! Derbyshire Street Pocket Park, a development initiated by Oxford House, Tower Hamlets council, and Greysmith Associates, has just been awarded 1st prize by the Landscape Institute in their ‘Design for a Small Scale Development’ category. Needless to say, we are absolutely thrilled!


Our project saw the renovation of the eastern end of Derbyshire Street in Bethnal Green. This uninviting dead-end was transformed into an outdoor café space and shared pedestrian/bike route. Now, what used to be a hub of anti-social behaviour has become an aesthetically pleasing green area which will benefit rather than hinder the local community.

Pocket Park

As if all this were not enough, this park also features a range of sustainable urban drainage components such as attenuating planters and permeable paving. This design enables rainwater to have a role in cultivating the park, meaning that it no longer has to be channelled into the drains of London’s over-worked sewage systems.

Derbyshire Street Pocket Park is an innovative feat of urban planning that sought to simultaneously benefit the local community and the environment. It is due to this fact that our park has now become an exemplar for future development projects around the city. Good work, we say.

Text: Hayley D.