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Tom is back! Part 1

A Performance Out Of This World

As the saying goes, you can never have too much of a good thing – and it is precisely for this reason that Oxford House is so excited to welcome back Tom Adams and his performance Howl at the Moon this October. Howl at the Moon is inspired by the untold story of Apollo 11’s moon landing; of the astronaut Michael Collins whose job was to remain alone in the spacecraft while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin went on to make history. Offering both a profound and humorous insight into the possibilities of such an isolation, Howl at the Moon returns on Friday 16th October with a slight revamp under its belt. Here, Tom gives us the low-down on these changes, and explains why he believed them necessary for the performance:

1. Hi Tom! Can you tell us what to expect from your revised performance of Howl at the Moon?

When I first performed Howl at the Moon in spring 2015, I felt as though I had a lot of good ideas but no structure to hang everything on. I did not make it clear to the audience what my emotional connection was to the subject of the performance. Over the redevelopment period, it became clear to me that the piece is about what I would do with a little time to myself –if I were totally uncontactable. This is what the performance is about. As the astronaut Michael Collins orbited the far side of the moon, he went out of radio contact with everyone and was on his own. This lasted 48 minutes, which to me felt like a perfect time to do a one man show in. The performance will replicate this experience, and be like a big quilt that wraps you up and makes you laugh and wonder. It is still really funny and has some lovely poignant moments. And the music is good too.

Text: Hayley D.