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Tom is back! Part 2

2. How will the revised Howl at the Moon differ from your previous performance?

In the previous rendition of the performance, I included the subject matter of headaches as I suffer from them and used to suffer from daily. It was a hard time in my life and I thought that this troubling subject would connect with the isolation that Michael Collins must have felt in being alone. The headache sections have now been taken out because I wanted to depict a more positive slant on isolation. The performance will look at what you would do if you had some alone time, and will concentrate on how special that feeling can be. I realised I had nothing more to say about headaches because I had spoken about it in my first show Still Score in 2014.

3.What is it that made you decide to revise the original performance?

Simply – I did not feel that I nailed it last time round.

4. So what have you been doing to prepare for this new version of Howl at the Moon?

I have written some new songs that reflect the positive feelings of isolation. I have also taken out some songs that did not fit tonally with the show. For example, I had a song in there called 2CV which was inspired by the fact that the command module Mike Collins was flying around in was basically a Citreön 2CV in space… but tonally this did not fit with the rest of the show and so had to be cut. I think it is good thing to edit songs as it means you are getting to the nub of the subject.

I have also taken on board a number of different people for the project. As well as Toby Park from Spymonkey directing, I have acquired Laura Mugridge (Director of Still Score) as story advisor and Lillian Henley, composer from 1927 Theatre Company, as musical advisor.

Text: Hayley D.

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