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Oh! Trustee’s Interview: Jamie Andrews

Jamie is Head of Cultural Engagement at the British Library, where he leads the Library’s cultural programme onsite, online, and across the UK. Jamie was a Clore Leadership Fellow in 2012/13, which included a secondment to the British Council, and is also a Fellow of the RSA and the English Association. Jamie has previously served on boards at De Montfort University and Sheffield Theatres Trust.

Such a charming community space, it was instant attraction. I was really impressed with OH’s strong, local connections to so many different communities, and felt that OH was at a really exciting launching off point for even better and bigger things with the HLF project/capital build just around the corner. I hoped that some of my experience with cultural programming and learning programmes might help take OH to the next level as a thrilling venue for new work and creativity. Also, you see the chapel… and you can’t resist…

Perseverance can work wonders. Having to tackle the cost of scaffolding (which was a scandal!)…was not so much learned, but reminder of how very different group of people can be such a positive and creative force when they align their strengths and energies.

OH! is due for its renovation. Seeing the designs for the new building was the best. Knowing they’re only designs, and there’s still a way to go is probably the worst.

I have high hopes for a new creative engagement. It’s a bit early to say, but in general I think that creativity is about new perspectives and new connections…and being a Trustee allows you both. It’s particularly useful to play back some of the things we are doing at the British Library at the moment (albeit at a different scale) through the work and ambitions of OH.

Getting on board with OH! Trustee’s. Go for it!

Text: Leah Abraham