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Volunteers wanted for The Knowledge annual Arts Festival

Oxford House Community & Arts Centre in Bethnal Green is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to participate in the annual Knowledge Arts Festival.

Three days of theatre, performances, open workshops and many more to feast our heritage while celebrating our 130th anniversary.

A fantastic free Street Party will take place on the 20th of September in the new neighbourhood Pocket Park, with live music performances and food. Also, throughout the whole month of September, we will have the exciting ‘130 Views’ open exhibition at Oh! Gallery.

This is an opportunity for passionate people, interested in community and arts that want to learn what is behind the scenes. The roles will include assisting visitors and artists during the festival as well as dealing with general inquiries.

Volunteering remains at the heart of what we do at Oxford House today as it was in 1884 when OH first started. We believe that volunteering is at the heart of a strong and caring community.

September 18-19 > 5pm- 9pm
September 20> 9am-5pm

Interested? Contact Alaitz Arregi (020 7739 9001 /

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