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Carpentry Club – What Wood you like to know?

The Carpentry Club, nestled in the basement of Oxford House, is run by Ollie Collier. He was inspired to set up the Club because of the lack of temporary workshops locally that the community could access. Ollie approached Oxford House to see if there was a space in the building and they agreed to provide a former workshop space for free. OH also helped by paying the first year’s insurance fee to help get the Club started. The Carpentry Club was thus set up so people in the community could use the resources and the tools to make what they wanted. The main goal of the carpentry club is to provide a safe but creative place for the community.

The Club brings tools, machines and a workspace to the community that individuals otherwise may not be able to access or even afford. This is done by sharing the cost and the upkeep of the equipment. There are many different groups that attend the carpentry club, including: Switchback charity, The Bethnal Green Men’s Shed and RenwEl furniture club. All 3 groups do admirable work within the community helping people socialise and turn their lives around, as well as helping long term unemployed people gain valuable skills for the future.

Users of the Club benefit in different ways from this project; some may be rewarded by the act of just making something which is inherently rewarding itself. Furthermore, it may benefit them as they can make something better than they could have without the club. As well as this, it allows people in the community to learn a new skill. Like any club, there is a social aspect to it, whilst the goal of the club is not necessary social, there is an intimately friendly atmosphere.
The Carpentry Club is predominantly used by professionals but it does also cater to beginners and hobbyists. Although it does cater beginners, it is still an unsupervised space, so people do have to make sure they are self-reliant.

When asked how he felt about the ‘Carpentry Club – Exhibition of Members’ Work’, at Oh! Gallery 12 – 18 April (Private view: 12 of April, 6-9pm), Ollie explained he was relaxed but excited as it would allow members to show the wide range of work that occurs within the club. Furthermore, it is not just an exhibition, as the space will be open so people can try the tools and make something should they wish to.

The exhibition and workshop will be open:

Thursday 13th 9am – 9pm,
Saturday 15th, 10am – 2pm
Sunday 16th, 10am – 2pm
Tuesday 18th 9am – 12pm

By Thufayel Ahmed
Oh! Blogger