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Who created Oxford House?

The pioneering Toynbee Hall settlement was considered by some at Oxford, led by the Warden of Keble College, Edward Talbot, “not sufficiently religious enough” and it was this group of Oxford men who looked to provide a more ascetic, denominationally religious, settlement in the East End of London.

In the early day-school St Andrew’s Oxford House opened with Talbot as chairman of the executive committee in Oxford. Early Heads included the Reverend E.E. Jackson, the honourable J.G. Adderley, the Reverend H. Hensley Henson, Revd Harry Woollcombe, Rev. Winnington-Ingram Revd. Bernard Wilson and the member of the council of Keble.

– Cameron, Averil;,Archer, Ian W. “Keble the Past and Present” Third Millennium, London 2008