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Why you should donate to save our secret chapel

Oxford House recently launched a crowdfunding page in order to help raise enough funds for us to restore our chapel which has been largely hidden for 130 years and make it available for the community to use. By donating and helping save the chapel you would not only investing in us but also the community, and this is imperative especially in an age where government cuts for councils are increasing.


We are a registered charity that was established in 1884 and have been at the heart of the East End community for many generations, and continue to be so today. There have been many famous people who have embraced this building in the past and still speak fondly of it: Eddie Marsan (who has starred in films such as “V for Vendetta” and “Sherlock Holmes”) is one example. However, like many things with age it has started to wear, I may be 20 but I am already starting to feel the weariness of age, so a building which has stood for over 100 years will need a lot of investment for modernization to continue to thrive and as hard as we try we cannot do this alone. Any donation made by you would make a massive difference in helping us reach our goal.


The Chapel is a special place that can become a multi-use venue for events ranging from: Marriage to family reunions to gigs, small dinners and many more. Whilst we may not reach the scale and the notoriety of the O2, we want to make the chapel available for the community. It would also help us generate enough revenue to be the community based organization we want to be, at its best. Our gallery has been incredible in helping small artists exhibit their work and our offices have helped small businesses to thrive in the East End. We want to offer even more opportunities to people and allow them to thrive, in whatever way they choose and the chapel is the key to allow us to do this.

01_logosaveoxfordhousechapel_2coloursOur crowd-funding page is live and we are hoping to raise £25,000 however we need everyone to help us reach this as we have raised just over £7,000 at the moment. Please donate what you can, no donation is too small. There are also rewards if you are donating a certain amount.
Even if you cannot donate, please share our crowdfunding page with as many people as you can, and on as many social media outlets you have, we would be eternally grateful and you would be helping better a community. Thank you.

The link to our crowdfunding page can be found here:

By Thufayel Ahmed


1. Front cover of Webb Mag. Eddie Marsan as Supper Kid. Oxford House.
2. NOISE – Experimental Music at Oh! Chapel.