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Wild, loud and untamed

After spending three intense days of writing, on the 3rd of July, Laura Mugridge presented the progress of her show Wild here at Oxford House. And indeed it was a wild, loud and untamed performance.

With some dirty electronic beats, Laura started the show by calling out her manifesto, where she informed the audience of all the things she wants the show to be about. After laying that out she proceeded to show a video montage of births on films. This was to explain that birth doesn’t have to be as dramatic and complicated as Hollywood would have women believe.

From the beginning of this project it was never Laura’s intention to convince her audience that one way of birth was better than another. It was always about letting her audience know that the process of birth doesn’t have to be scary and it is in fact possible to have a good birthing experience.

The most convincing point of this was hearing Laura’s own experience of having a home birth. She described it as the most painful thing she has ever been through but at the same time it was the strongest she has ever felt.

It will be interesting to see where Laura goes with this show and the people that she will be able to positively influence.

Text: Rebecca Sharp

Photo: Bridget Cox