March 24, 2024

Feminist. Witty. Fearless... a play inspired by 3 outstanding female Latin American artists who struggled with their mental health. Mad Women is a fictional portrayal of their hectic mental journeys through bipolar disorder.

Mad Women, 4.40pm Performance + Q&A

Dates March 24, 2024 - March 23, 2024

Times 4:40 pm - 6:30 pm

Price £8.00+ Booking Fee

Location Oxford House Theatre

Join us for a special performance of Mad Women led by a professional cast.



Witty, fierce and fearless. Mad Women is a play inspired by three outstanding Latin American women artists living with bipolar disorder. It is a fictional portrayal of Frida Kahlo, Violeta Parra and Judith Marquez’s mental health journeys from life to death, in the form of intertwined monologues.

As a unique creative experiment, Mad Women has developed two versions of a brand-new play in parallel; one starred by professional actors and one by community members from underserved and underrepresented groups of women. The same director and creative team lead the process, to develop an innovative, inclusive and diverse experience.

The play fights the stereotypes and stigmas of what it has historically meant to “be a woman” with mental health challenges. It is a brutally honest conversation about sexuality, motherhood, gender oppression and the role of women in the arts. The play was written through an R&D process that involved workshops with women from underserved communities and explorative rehearsals with trained performers linked to mental health conditions.

Please note that there are two performances of Mad Women:


24th March 3pm (Community Cast): Click Here to find out more


24th March 4:40pm (Professional Cast and Q&A): Click Here to find out more

Mad Women is a project funded by the Arts Council England and led by critically acclaimed Latinx director and playwright, Constanza Hola Chamy.

Please note that this performance is for audiences aged 18+


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