April 12, 2021

We've been collaborating with three fantastic writers, beaming into schools and homes across East London celebrating novels, poetry and short stories led by women!

Celebrating Women Writers at Oxford House

Over the last 12 months we have spent so much more time at home reading. We have been thinking about brilliant books, poems and stories written by women. The joy of Maya Angelou, the thrills of Val McDermid, or the powerful storytelling of Monica Ali. Books have kept us going!

Over the past 8 weeks, Oxford House has been hosting 10 virtual community writing workshops led by three brilliant women writers: Aisha Bushby (pictured), Amina Jama, and Irenosen Okojie. These sessions have been beaming into homes and classrooms across East London in partnership with Mulberry Academy Shoreditch, Grace & Poise Ballet, East London Cares, Kayd Somali Arts and St Matthews Bethnal Green. We have discussed the joys of writing, reading, storytelling and the power of poetry during difficult times. We have written spooky stories, time-twisting thrillers, and shared brilliant stories set on remote islands!

We are hoping to use some of this thinking to develop a new writing festival next year which platforms women writers, poets, local storytellers with a focus on encouraging local girls to write.

We will be producing a little film in the next few weeks showing some of workshops and also will be asking you for your ideas! If you are a writing, poetry or spoken word organisation or book club based in East London do please get in touch to find out a bit more!