March 15, 2022

Nonclassical is a music promoter, record label and events producer presenting the best new classical, experimental and electronic music. Their team are based in Oxford House and we spoke to Megan Holch, the label, events and marketing assistant, to find out more.

Who’s in the Oxford House? Megan Holch from Nonclassical

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Meg and I am the label, events and marketing assistant at Nonclassical.


What do you use Oxford House for? Which spaces do you use?
The Nonclassical office is based at Oxford House. We rent out one of the many workspaces and for us, our room is part office and part stock room for our record label.


What is it that you like about being in Oxford House?
There is a joy knowing that the space is a real hub for creative folks; the omnipresent vibe of Oxford House is one of appreciation for the arts. Also, after being confined to our homes so much these past two years, the close proximity to some green space is a huge bonus for the place. The friendly café space adds a really welcoming tone to the building and their banana bread is certainly an attraction!


How many people are in your team?
Including myself, we have six members in our team. A small but perfectly formed organisation!


How do you or hope to work with the local community?
We have had roots in East London since our formation and although we now work in other parts of London and across the UK, our primary goal of bringing new audiences to our events is still inspired by the community minded thinking fostered at Oxford House.


How would you sum up your ethos or culture in one sentence?
I would say that Nonclassical strives to embrace different sounds, spaces and audiences in such a way that means everyone gets to experience something new.


Tell me one thing that no one knows about you?
I am an auntie to thirteen nieces and nephews!


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