February 15, 2022

Who's in the Oxford House: Susanna Eastburn from Sound and Music

Who’s in the Oxford House? Susanna Eastburn from Sound and Music

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Susanna and I’m chief executive of Sound and Music, which is a charity that exists to support people of all ages and backgrounds to create and enjoy new music


How many people are in your team?

We’re around 21 people doing 13 full time jobs, if that makes sense.



What do you use Oxford House for? Which spaces do you use?

We moved here in May 2021 (to two offices on the first floor) so it still feels a bit like we just moved in. We’re also going to be hybrid working in the future, and we have team members who are based elsewhere in the UK. All of this means that our time together as a team is both really valuable and super enjoyable (I have lovely colleagues!). We have really enjoyed some days in the Chapel, both for our own Awayday and also for networking days with artists and composers.


What is it that you like about being in Oxford House?

It’s got such a warm and welcoming atmosphere, everyone is so friendly. The café is a great place to meet people (as well as fantastic for our own caffeine and snack related needs). On a personal note, when I first moved to London my sister lived in a flat on Voss Street and I have really enjoyed getting to know the neighbourhood again. So much change, but also many things the same including the exceptional friendliness of the no.8 bus.


How do you or hope to work with the local community? 

We regularly recruit for employment and artistic opportunities and we are really keen to find ways to work with the local community to do this in ways that are inclusive and welcoming to them.


How would you sum up your ethos or culture in one sentence?



Tell me one thing no one knows about you?

 I’ve sailed across the English Channel more than 50 times.